General Questions

What is My Happy Plates?

My Happy Plates is changing the way you shop for and cook food. Chances are you want to eat a little bit healthier and cook a little bit tastier, but who has the time to plan that all out? We do! We take the leg-work out of cooking healthy, fresh, tasty meals for your family.

No more dreading "what's for dinner?" We've got you covered!

What exactly do I get with my membership?

All members get full access to My Happy Plates. You'll get weekly meal plans based on yours and your family's eating preferences. We'll recommend recipes that fit your style, goals, habits, and tastes, and we'll portion those recipes exactly to the size of your family. We'll also provide you with a weekly grocery list that's accessible on your computer, tablet, or phone. Shopping lists are portioned to the size of your family and organized by section of the store with check boxes next to each item so you can keep track of what's left.

Where does My Happy Plates get all of these recipes?

We're here to make your life a whole lot simpler. There's no shortage of great recipes on the web, but we know that sometimes it's overwhelming to sort through and find what you want to cook. We call this "recipe fatigue".

That's where we come in. We find the best recipes around that fit your family's eating profile and we use our software to build balanced, healthy, nutritious, tasty plans for you. The more you use My Happy Plates, the more we learn about you and the better the recommendations we make.


How much does My Happy Plates cost?

Great question! We have a few different types of plans. Check out our pricing & plans page for more information.


What do you mean by customized meal plans?

When it comes to food, everybody's different. We use a simple process to learn about what kind of food you and your family love. We customize based on: size of your family, what days of the week you typically cook, your eating preferences (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, pescatarian, etc.), your "can't haves" (gluten free, dairy free, nut allergy, shellfish allergy, etc.), your dislikes and your likes. Every week we build you a balanced weekly plan based on these criteria.

What if I already have something on the shopping list?

Easy as pie! We love pie. Sorry, we're getting sidetracked!

Your shopping list is adjustable. So if you've got eggs from last week and your shopping list calls for eggs, just hit the check box next to the ingredient to show us that you don't need to buy any extra.

For Businesses

How does My Happy Plates work with businesses?

We partner with businesses to help redefine their corporate wellness programs. Whether you're a team of a few people or tens of thousands, our scaling pricing model works to fit your needs, and our program keeps your employees eating healthy, nutritious meals so they can stay in tip-top shape.

Why should my team sign up?

What's more important than building a happy, motivated, eager team? My Happy Plates is an extremely cost-effective way to keep employees happy, engaging with each other, healthy, and in the best shape to drive your team forward.

OK, great. We signed up. How do I roll this out to my team?

We make roll out super simple. We'll provide you with a unique link that is specific to your team. You send that link out and your team members will be able to sign up, easy as 1-2-3. We'll also give you a fancy 1-pager to email out along with the link.


What is the return policy?

We're here to make you rave! If for any reason you're not beaming with happiness and tastiness, we want to make good. For our monthly subscription, we offer a 30-day free trial. This gives you the chance to try out our plans and make sure it's right for you. Once the trial has ended, you can cancel at any time with no hassle. You'll be charged for your most recent month of membership, but won't be charged after that. Cancel directly on your account page or email us at

For our members who have purchased the 4, 6, or 12 month packages, we offer a 14 day, no-risk, money-back guarantee on all orders placed directly through


How do I access my meal plan?

After you've created your account, you can access your plans, your shopping list, your profile, and everything else by clicking login at the top of your screen.

How many weeks can I see?

You'll always be able to see this week's plan, last week's plan, and next week's plan. That gives you plenty of time to figure out what's going and also gives you the chance to look back on a recipe that you absolutely loved!

What happens if I forgot my password?

No worries, we'll get you fixed up right away! Go to the login page and click "forgot password".

How can I get in touch with the My Happy Plates team?

We're here for you! Check out the contact page or shoot us an email at Talk to you soon!